Almond Honey Scrub

$ 16.00

A great pre-mask scrub, the Almond-Honey scrub is comprised of medium and fine almond meal, corn meal, and what flour grains that are blended with super fine french talc, honey, and aloe vera gel. These ingredients work as a soft, natural exfoliating scrub - removing dead skin cells, polishing the skin, and leaving it with a natural healthy glow.


Recommended for normal, oily, and combination skin.
And for those concerned with oil control and diminishing skin firmness.

Size: 2 fluid oz.


Contains: Aloe Vera Gel, Propylene Glycol, Whole Wheat Flour, Almond Meal, Corn Meal, Corn Cob Meal, Oatmeal, Honey, Apricot Kernael Powder, Walnut Shell Powder, Peach Kernel Powder, Hops Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Talc, Natural Fragrant Oil, Mehyl Paraben.